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Client Testimonials

 “Steve combines intellectual rigour in conducting research with the ability to communicate imaginative and challenging interpretation” Retailer.

“The problem and benefit of qualitative research is that the researcher adds their own layer of interpretation. Steve Williams interprets the world through formidable knowledge, enormous experience and an appetite for greater understanding. What’s more he can readily communicate his findings” Advertising Agency Planning Director

“I have worked with Steve for many years and have always found his clarity of thought coupled with his focussed approach to projects to have been invaluable. He has given us a fresh insight into every project we have worked him on and we can always rely on him to guide our own strategic thought in a clear and concise manner” Media Owner

"Stratosphere have the credibility thatcomes from long experience of running qual research. Steve brings great flexibility and an ability to deliver to demanding briefs. He has done some great work building our understanding of our target audience, not the easiest target to research! Steve has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to reach this group. Steve can deliver insights that are grounded - in the sense that they have a realism about them. They are presented with a lot of thought and an understanding of the business context" Consumer Scientist,  Multinational Brand Owner

 “Most of the projects in which we have used Stratosphere have been very demanding: difficult to reach audiences, unusual locations, and sometimes people feeling very vulnerable about their homes and their futures. Stratosphere have been very adept at opening up discussion and establishing clear community views on some very complex financial and tenure concepts. The feedback gained has been invaluable and has helped us genuinely meet people’s needs in the housing market” Housing Consultant

“Best planner we've ever worked far” Award Winning Advertising Creative Team