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Qualitative Research

Our experience consists of conducting over five hundred group discussions, hundreds of depth interviews and dozens of projects on an incredibly varied range of topics.

But we always try to keep our approaches and thinking fresh – qualitative research should never become routine or mundane. It should always be able to surprise us and reveal the unexpected.

To make sure our clients get maximum value from their research investment, we aim to get the fundamentals right.

  • Thorough understanding of the research context.
  • Careful crafting at all stages of the project: well defined objectives, appropriate methodology and sample design, well organised and recruited fieldwork, genuine rapport with consumers, thorough analysis.
  • Compelling presentations of the results and recommendations.

On top of that, we like to think that we also often add another element: inspiration.

Some things we like to consider:

  • Time length: why should we be confined to 90 minute group discussions?
  • Sometimes it makes more sense to conduct shorter sessions (forty five to sixty minutes may be about the right length to test communications and prevent people over-thinking in an unnatural manner).
  • Sometimes people need more time to consider – so we can pre-place materials, conduct longer groups, or re-convene sessions.
  • Individuals or collectives: we should not automatically launch the default option of standard group discussions:
  • Organisational or employment work – individual interviews are usually most revealing
  • Major purchase decisions – couple interviews (together, separately or both) are most insightful.
  • Brainstorming groups – handled correctly, consumers can help produce ideas.