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Quantitative Research

Whilst the main specialism at Stratosphere is qualitative research, we always try to offer best overall research advice. So if the project would be better handled quantitatively or as a joint qual/quant exercise, we will say so.

By working closely over the years with other small independent quantitative companies and with major omnibus suppliers, we are able to provide quantitative research or joint approaches.

Clients have commented on the fact that our quantitative work often gets to the heart of the issues. Our background as qualitative researchers and strategic planners means we are often able to bring levels of clarity and insight to quantitative research that makes our approach different to working with standard quantitative suppliers.

Some of the projects we have undertaken include:

  • Brand standing among professional groups such as chiropodists and podiatrists – telephone interviews.
  • Brand tracking studies for fmcg television campaigns using omnibuses.
  • Packaging/design research in the  dairy industry – hall tests.
  • Brand profiling exercises – building up samples of users for small brands using omnibuses and providing detailed audience profiles.
  • Community reputation – face-to-face interviews within locality of major employer to assess their standing within the community as part of social audit.
  • Concept testing for healthcare provider.