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Typical Projects

Typical projects include:

Brand studies – brand image or standing, brand positioning, brand stretching.

Strategic development – including running Body & Soul sessions to look at what a brand, product or company should stand for and where it can be taken

Knowledge audits – conducting thorough analyses of existing data and noting insights, gaps and further requirements. We call this process Fresh Eyes.

New product development – from idea generation to initial screening to refinements. In sectors ranging from cleaning products to insurance policies to housing needs.

Communications – the full range including advertising, design, PR, promotions, brochures, and digital.  Bespoke approach called CommsExpress provides a qualitative testing service from early idea appeal to final enhancements.

Some projects we have undertaken:

Market Entry – a major client is considering entering a new sector. Depth interviews with professionals within their practises and asked them about their world, what they liked and disliked and how their customers regarded them.  Groups with consumers explored views of this profession. Debrief put the two contrasting sets of views together and made actionable recommendations.

New insurance products – all were considered different and original but only some were deemed relevant and desirable by consumers.

Technical insight –focus on technical enhancements to products. Issues examined include sustainable packaging, alternative delivery methods, sensory cues.

Housing needs:  for a tenants rights group funded by a major charity we explored what causes people to become homeless, key triggers along the way, and what can be done to help prevent it happening.

PR disaster management – client feared backlash over an issue. We helped create and then tested a variety of tacks and tones (factual, apologetic, aggressive, PR spokesperson versus senior employee, male versus female) and helped to produce a positive result.